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My Plan B?......or God's?

April 11th, 2010 at 10:07 PM

I was born with Spina Bifida and have been confined to a wheelchair for the majority of my life. Therefore, I've always been labelled as "disabled". But my parents never ONCE in my life have treated me that way. They raised me to be as independent as I can be. So when the time came to head off to college & start working towards my career goals, I had NO hesitation in entering the elementary education field. All through school, I never once was told, "You can't do this." On the contrary, I actually ended up inspiring many people with my determination and my abilities. Then, after 8 years of college (never transfer from private to public!), I graduated. My first teaching job interview is one I will never forget. It was for a daycare. I introduced myself to the director and she showed me around a little. She then proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes trying to convince me that I was more suited for a desk job. I left the interview sick to my stomach, angry, confused, and filled with self-doubt. Was she right? Was every school going to feel the same way? Would I ever find a teaching job? Several failed interviews later, I got one! It was for an afterschool program at a local church school. Just a few short months into it, I was let go because I was a "safety hazard" to the children. That sent me on the worst downward spiral of my life! I was hurt, confused, mad....and again, doubting my abilities to be a teacher. Fast forward a year & I was still jobless, broke, living at home....just BEGGING God to help me find a way out of the rut I was in. Then my aunt told me about a part-time desk job at her company (who my mother also happened to work for, just a different branch). Already, I knew I had 2 "ins" so landing the job would be easy & it would at least provide financial stability while I look for a full-time job. But the thought of settling for a desk job made me sick! Well, after a short 10-minute talk with the director, I was hired on the spot! I started immediately. During my interview, I let it be known that I have some pretty extensive computer skills so my boss asked me to try my hand at creating the company flyers. She and the computer tech at the company took notice and they volunteered me to create the company's monthly newsletters & calendars. I thought they were NUTS! I secretly LOVED to design, but had never done anything like that for a large company! I was scared outta my mind, but they asked me to put in a full day that week & see what I could come up with. Five months to the day tomorrow, I'm still at the same job working nearly full time, creating all the company flyers, the monthly newsletters & calendars, and I even do some website work! To think...5 months ago the thought of settling for a "desk job" made me sick to my stomach. Now here I am, a certified elementary teacher sitting at a desk 5 days a week, doing what I love most....designing! Turns out my Plan B was God's Plan A all along!



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