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Blessings of Plan B

April 1st, 2010 at 2:18 PM

I never imagined that my Plan A my mother would leave my family when I was very young, following my little brother's death due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I never imagined it would consist of my father fighting cancer and passing away months before my high school graduation. Never imagined my mother would pass away as well before I was 23. I never imagined that in my Plan A I would fight what seemed to be endless emotional battles when I realized that I was an orphan, I wouldn't be seeing my father on this earth again, and that the rest of my family resided on the other side of the country while I felt completely alone at college. I never imagined that my family would be 'disappointed' in me for following my dreams and trying to leave a positive impact. At some point I realized I would have to reluctantly move on with Plan B, or "God's Plan". The blessing comes when I can truly say I am completely content with my life and my accomplishments to date. Through my self-dubbed job title "Motivational Light Designing Manger", I have the dream to take my story to schools all across the country to show young adults all over that it is alright to follow their dreams and make them a reality. That is one thing that is completely lacking in these uncertain times... I am currently a lighting director, living my Plan B dream, one that I would have NEVER thought of being in my Plan A. And finally, my only current connection with my Plan A, I am working on being a partner in an artist management company, allowing me to help young artists' dreams become their reality. I am totally with Pete in his book Plan B. To us, Plan A seems like the only way, until it all gets shattered. At that point we just want someone to blame, something to hate, someone to pity our failure. The truth is, our "earthly" Plan A is in most cases just a bridge to make sure we're set up for the blessings in God's plan, our Plan B. I can only pray that through the rest of my life I continue to see it in that way!


Nashville, TN, USA

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