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Not How I Expected Life To Go

April 1st, 2010 at 12:43 PM

My Plan B started back in Otober of 2003. I was teaching at a jail in Texas and still remember the day i got called in to talk with my principal. A student had complained about me sharing my faith. I had been teaching at the jail since December of 2002 and at first did not understand why God had me there of all places. Me Miss former elementary school teacher who was an Awana leader. Me. As time went on my friend Dan pointed out to me all the opportunities I had to share my faith with those I came in contact with. So the day i got called in to talk with my principal was hard. She wanted me to write out a statement of what i did wrong (sharing my faith) and that I would be willing to not do that anymore. I started to, but couldn't because of what i believed as a Christian. We went to talk with the warden and ended up talking with the assistant warden instead. I remember as i stood there taking a stand for my faith. I was not the only one on my side even though you you couldn't see who was with me. I ended up getting put on paid suspension and fired two weeks later. Since the day i got fired I have not had a full time job. I have applied and applied and applied. I have worked many a part time job and many a temporary job. I don't understand why it is that the dreams i have for my life have not happened yet. I do have a passion that I know God has given me - I really love working with college students. I am currently an adjunct instructor at two community colleges. I don't mind teaching, but my passion is in student services. I would love to be a college counselor or an academic advisior. The semester is coming to an end and I am not sure what all I will be doing. I haven't found anything yet - been applying. It's hard when you have a dream - well dreams - and things aren't falling into place like you expected them to.


Arlington, TX

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