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Things That Make You Go Himmmm.

April 1st, 2010 at 12:00 PM

In 1998 I rededicated my life to the Lord after some serious problems. I got back in church and my life took off. A few years later I found myself in ministry and was really dedicated and faithful to the vision of the ministry. I thought to myself...”wow! things just can't get any better than this” and I could see myself at the end of my life still at this church, making a difference for Jesus. Then about a year ago, the Lord began to deal with know...those things that make you stop and go hmmmm....the things that you don't share with anyone...just you and Jesus. I was scared...this was my life...I was comfortable and I was making a difference (at least I thought I was) July 2009, things escalated...but just as quickly settled was quiet again and those things I knew the Lord had showed me took a backseat...I figured I simply heard wrong and settled in to continue the good fight of faith. Then we had our Christmas Service and things were wonderful...I spent that week thanking the Lord that I must of not heard Him right when He talked about change, and new vision, and all those things that tend to freak out Type A personalities like myself who like order and knowing what to expect. What happened next, I should have known...things just blew up right in my face...within 8 hours - my life was upside down, absolute chaos was ripping through (the God kind of chaos, where He will have His way because He loves us so much and He knows what's best even if we don't agree right at that moment) and my life changed in an instant. In an instant all those things God had told me in May – they were an instant I resigned from my position at the an instant I lost I all my an instant God took me out and launched me into something new. I was mad, I was hurt, I wanted vindication and a lash out (but I didn’t)...I was excited and I was scared --- We didn't stop to lick our wounds, no God was moving us so quickly into what He had prepared...everyone around me was ready to move forward...”finally we could get something done for Jesus” they would say...”you can lead us - God's been training and preparing you for years” - were the words of encouragement, even coming from people I didn't know. How can I not be happy? I just wanted things back to "normal" -- I wanted my old schedule, my old friends, my old paycheck...but I did the only thing I could do...I took a deep breath and said: Ok God here we go...and I jumped in. Now we are three months into this new thing God really had planned all along -- and I realize sometimes God has to turn our world upside down just so that he can drop us into His perfect plan and purpose. We’ve only just begun, a few of us…with big dreams and an even bigger God…(hmmmmm…)

El Paso, Texas, USA

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